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EDT Lessons

Mandatory EDT Driver Lessons Sylabus

The EDT syllabus contains the following mandatory pre-test lessons:

  • Session 1:   Car Control and Safety Checks

  • Session 2:  Correct Positioning 1

  • Session 3:  Changing Direction 1

  • Session 4:  Progression Management

  • Session 5:  Correct Positioning 2 (more complex situations)

  • Session 6:  Anticipation and Reaction

  • Session 7:    Sharing the Road

  • Session 8:    Driving Safely Through Traffic

  • Session 9:    Changing Direction 2 (more complex situations)

  • Session 10:   Speed Management

  • Session: 11    Driving Calmly

  • Session 12:   Night Driving

EDT Lessons Timeline

EDT Lessons Timeline and Sequatnce

You must take EDT Session 1 first in order to establish the base line.

Thereafter you shall take Sessions 2 to 8 and Sessions 9 to 12.

Sessions 9 to 12 may not be taken until Session 2 to 8 have been completed.

Sessions 9 to 12 are not required to be taken in sequence.

Driver Theory Test

Please note, this is not covered by you ADI and you will need to take this independently.

For further information Click on image below.

Link to Driver Theory Test Infomration
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