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About BM School of Motoring

BM School of Motoring provides professional driving lessons in Category B licence Group with Brendan McGurry, a fully qualified ADI instructor with over 30 years of driving experience.

Learning to drive can be daunting. However,with

Brendan’s expertise and experience even the most

nervous driver can pass their driving test first time!

BM School of Motoring key mission is to provide

a calm, safe and enjoyable driving experience.


Why Choose BM School of Motoring

  • Competitive rates

  • Discounts

  • High driving test pass rates

  • Practical tips to help you build your driving confidence

  • Tailored pre-test lessons to further help you pass your driving test

  • Expert knowledge of all Killarney test routes

  • Excellent value for money

  • Professional and Courteous

Brendan McGurry and Student
Another Successful Driving Test Student
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