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Killarney Driving Lessons
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Student Passing Driving Test

Killarney Town Centre, Co Kerry

Essential Driver Training (EDT)

EDT Driver Training Overview, Killarney, Co. Kerry

Essential Driver Training (EDT) is a mandatory training course that teaches fundamental driving skills to learner car drivers. It consists of 12 lessons and these must be conductor by an

Approved Driving Instructor (ADI).

In addition to the above, you will also have to successfully pass a Driver Theory Test. Please note, this is not covered by your ADI and you will need to take this independently.


BM School of Motoring Pricing

Successful Driver passing test
Practice Lesson Pricing
EDT 01and 2 Lesson Pricing

EDT 1 and 2


(Special Introductory Price)

EDT pricing 3 to 12

EDT 3 to 12


Pre-test Lesson Pricing

Pre-test Lesson


Test- car Pricing

Test Car


Our 'One on One' professional and courteous ADI provides you with the best quality instruction, ensuring you acquire all the skills to pass your test. Each lesson includes the following:
  • Excellent Value

  • Fully Qualified ADI Instructor

  • 1-2-1 Tuition

  • Professionalism and Courteousy

  • Intensive 1h Lesson

  • Knowledge of Test Routes

  • Practical Tips

Additional Test Information

To help you prepare for your driving test, please review the information below. This will give you a valuable insight into your EDT and additional driving skills.

Please Click on the relevant image.

Practice Lessons


Typical Test Q&A's
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